We create lasting solutions to highly complex offshore and marine challenges.

Worldwide customized drive and control systems for the offshore industry have been successfully installed since 1954. We are one of the leading suppliers of drive & control, simulation and visual recognition technology for the marine & offshore market. For almost 70 years we supply drive and control technologies in the offshore industry. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio with custom fit solutions, whether components delivery, customized systems or project implementation.

Heave Compensation System

Fast reacting and stable, even when waves are considerably high; Active Heave Compensation Systems significantly enlarge your window of operation and work safely under all conditions.

Unloading material safely onto the seabed is a basic requirement in the offshore industry. Our Passive Heave Compensation Systems improve your economic capabilities for loading and unloading with minimal costs.


We are an experienced partner when it comes to delivering certified products and customized Hopper Dredgers, Cutter Dredgers, Split Barges, and other dredgers.

Hopper dredgers excavate materials from the seabed, primarily by forward movements and suction power, through an extendable suction pipe and a draghead. Cutter suction dredgers are equipped with a cutting device that increases the dislodging force. This makes cutter dredgers suitable for use in high strength materials such as clay, packed or compact sand and rock. A split hopper barge is used for the transportation of sediments such as sand, stone and clay.

Jacking System

The market for wind energy puts challenging additional demands on traditional jacking systems for installation and maintenance vessels, and platforms. We meet the latest demands with state of the art solutions for the total drive system, related controls and the mechanical components.

When it comes to jacking systems we develop drive and control systems for various jacking system types and sizes, which are used in numerous self elevating platforms such as jack up rigs, jack up vessels and jack up barges. Having all drive disciplines under one roof, hydraulic and electric concepts have emerged from the engineering department.

Hydraulic Cylinder

We build on years of experience in hydraulics. From deep knowledge engineering to in-house production facilities. Therefore the best performing cylinders and power units are helping customers for many years all over the globe.

Control System

In consultation with the customer we translate the application procedures into a control philosophy, which forms the basis for the development of hardware and software.

The specially designed controls with dedicated software enables the operator to go through different phases of the procedures fully controlled. The integrated control system provides the operational capability to the system and continuously guards the system safety. To assure the safety and reliability of the integral system extensive redundancy features are included in the drive and the control technology

ARGOS Vision System

Introducing our state-of-the-art computer vision platform for the offshore industry, named ARGOS. Through a combination of multimodal sensor technologies and advanced sensor fusion algorithms we are able to accurately determine relative position and motion of offshore structures. Application areas include autonomous gangway, monopile grippers, ship-to-ship motion compensation, operator assistance & automation for cranes and mission equipment as well as other custom made solutions.

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Peter Doesburg

Peter Doesburg

Sales Manager Offshore & Marine

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Maarten Jansen

Sales Manager Offshore & Marine

Please contact our Offshore & Marine Expert and Sales Manager Maarten Jansen for more information about these projects.

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