We create lasting solutions to highly complex marine HVAC challenges.

We deliver a diversity of naval solutions, varying from Chilled water units, NBC / CBRN filters, special cooling units for radar and communication systems, Spare Parts and Services. VHT equipment, systems are designed for worldwide operation under the most severe circumstances without losing their operational ability.

Climate Systems

We are your reliable partner and leading expert in the field of climate control on board (naval) vessels. We supply an extensive range of high-quality climate control products.


  • Air handling systems; air handling units, NBC Filter units, fans, ducts, (fire) dampers, temperature sensors and CO2 sensors,
  • Cooling systems; Chiller units, including pumps, cold water distribution systems, valves and pressure/temperature sensors,
  • Fan-coil units,
  • Heating systems; boilers, hot water distribution systems, valves and pressure/temperature sensors and electric heaters,
  • Radar cooling,
  • Cooling and Freezing systems for provisions,
  • Electrical switch boxes, PLCs, software and control systems,
  • Engineering


We are an F-gas certified company. It is important to us that you receive proper advice, in order to make an informed choice regarding the most suitable refrigerant or refrigerant replacement.


  • Drop-in
  • Replacement with new refrigerant (environmentally friendly, low GWP)
  • System optimisation
  • Advice and calculations


At Van Halteren Naval Technologies, we provide comprehensive support for your project at every stage. Our expertise lies in engineering services for air quality, system enhancements, onboard inspections, and more.

VHNT offers the following range of technical services:

  • Customized solutions development in accordance with:
    • Customer specifications
    • ISO/AQAP standards
    • MIL-STD requirements
    • STANAG guidelines
    • ANEP regulations
    • NEN-ISO standards
    • Ship classification agencies (including Lloyd’s, DNV-GL, BV, Rina, TL, ABS)
  • Modification of existing products
  • Verification and validation using our in-house testing facility
  • Feasibility studies for retrofits and upgrades
  • Comprehensive or partial design of HVAC systems
  • Obsolescence management
  • ILS and documentation services (ASD S1000D, S3000L, Digital Twin)
  • Software solutions
  • Detailed reporting for project requirements


We specialize in the replacement/modernisation of HVAC components, such as chilled water units and provision cooling plants. We integrate the latest technology into your ship.


  • Form fit function
  • Minimal interface modifications
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Increased capacity
  • Low GWP refrigerant replacement
  • Based on increased sea water temperature

Technical Services

  • Development of customised solutions, according to:
    • Customer specifications
    • ISO/AQAP
    • MIL-STD
    • STANAG
    • ANEP
    • NEN-ISO
    • Ship classification organisations (e.g Lloyds, DNV-GL, BV, Rina, TL, ABS)
  • Modification of existing products
  • Verification and validation using in-house test bench
  • Feasibility studies for retrofits and upgrades
  • Complete or partial design of climate systems (HVAC)
  • Obsolescence management
  • ILS and Documentation
  • Software
  • Reports

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Peter van den Bergh

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