We create lasting solutions to highly complex naval challenges.

Based on the experience gained during many naval projects, we have developed high-quality technological components, packages and solutions for submarines and naval surface vessels, such as frigates and minehunters.

We are also experienced in designing, manufacturing, installation, repair, servicing and modernization of drive & control systems and equipment for naval applications.

Replenishment at Sea Systems

We are an experienced partner when it comes to different types of Replenishment Systems. The systems are designed for transfer of liquids abeam as well as liquids astern (RAS-L) as well as solid goods (RAS-S). The safe and energy efficient winch driven ship-to-ship connection is constantly tensioned using a unique hydro-pneumatic tensioner. 

Throughout the years we have delivered both electrical and hydraulics-based replenishment systems. Hydraulics are usually more compact and may have advantages in power consumption. In case hydraulic power is already available in the ship’s design a substantial reduction on the costs can be expected by using hydraulic replenishment solutions. Electrical replenishment systems on the other hand are less complex and easier to maintain.

Helicopter Transfer Systems

We developed and built several helicopter transfer systems which provide a winch-and-cable based solution as well as a rail-based design for wide range of helicopters, manned and un-manned. The helicopter handling system is designed to ensure a helicopter’s safe transportation into the hangar after landing and back. Both the solutions are suitable for a single as well as a dual hangar ship lay-out.

Marine HVAC Systems

Van Halteren Technologies delivers a diversity of naval solutions, varying from Chilled water units, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) filters, Special Cooling Units for all kind of radar-, search-, weapon- and communication systems, Spare Parts and Trading Products. VHT equipment, systems and services are designed for worldwide operation under the most severe circumstances without losing their operational ability.

Drive and Control Systems

Based on long term application experience we offer tailor made “Drive and Control technology” for all types of Naval ships or crafts. In close corporation with customers we can develop dedicated systems such as:


  • (Central) Hydraulic Power Units / Electric drives
  • Actuators, Manifolds, Piping and Controls
  • Launch & Recovery Systems, Arresting Gears on Aircraft Carriers
  • Winches & Capstans
  • Radar Stabilization Systems

Meet our experts

Charles Simons

Charles Simons

Sales Manager Naval Systems

Please contact Charles Simons for any questions about our Replenishment at Sea Systems, Helicopter Transfer Systems, and other Naval Drive & Control Systems.

Peter van den Bergh

Peter van den Bergh

Account Manager Marine HVAC Systems

Please contact Peter van den Bergh for any questions about our Marine HVAC Systems.

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