We create lasting solutions to highly complex chilled water unit challenges.

We design, manufacture and service (100% oil-free) chilled water units based on a modular design and customised to customer specifications. We have successfully introduced the latest generation of chiller units based on magnetic bearing supported, oil-free compressor technology, into the maritime market.

Chilled water units

Van Halteren Naval Technologies designs, produces, installs and maintains customized oil-free chilled water units for all maritime applications. With more than 10 years of experience and successful references with this oil-free technology, we can offer you the following benefits:

  • 100% oil-free systems, reduced complexity and improved heat transfer efficiency
  • compressors with magnetic bearings
  • low noise compressor (< 77 dB)
  • low vibration level and shock resistant
  • the Chilled water units are compact and light in weight
  • high partial load efficiency (coefficient of performance COP)
  • the ultimate soft start (< 2 amps)
  • no wearing parts which results in low maintenance costs, improved MTBF
  • in combination with plate exchangers less refrigerant is required
  • experience with low GWP refrigerants

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Peter van den Bergh

Peter van den Bergh

Account Manager Marine HVAC Systems

Please contact our Account Manager Peter van den Bergh for more information about our Marine HVAC Systems.

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