We create lasting solutions to highly complex NBC / CBRN Filter System challenges.

Collective protection against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) agents. Remarkable modularity enables it to function as a ventilation system and with a simple filter replacement, transform into a life-saving CBRN filtration system capable of offering continuous collective protection to the crew. Utilizing minimally aging carbon the system efficiently eliminates TICs and TIMs (Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Materials) from the air. Making it particularly suitable for use in high humidity environments. The systems are user-friendly, lightweight, and have low power consumption.


For over 25 years, we have been supplying in-house developed NBC filter systems for naval vessels around the world.

  • Complete collective NBC protection with overpressure control in the citadel and sub-citadel
  • BV4600 or ANEP 57 compliant NBC Air Filtration Units
  • With dummy filters (including detection) or by-pass option
  • STANAG 4447 or STANAG 4634 (AEP 54) compliant NBC / CBRN filters
  • Hull mounted or freestanding
  • Capacity from 600 to 4800 m3/hour
  • Easy filter change, e.g. from the exterior of the ship
  • Integrated electrical panel and control system, including PLC for intrinsically safe operation and alarms
  • Communication with IPMS via CAM, Modbus or Profibus
  • Also suitable for retrofitting

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Peter van den Bergh

Peter van den Bergh

Account Manager NBC / CBRN Systems

Please contact our Account Manager Peter van den Bergh for more information about our NBC / CBRN Systems.

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