We create lasting solutions to road wheel challenges.

Van Halteren Technologies has become a market-leading supplier for high-end Road Wheel solutions for all new and existing tracked military vehicles.

Road Wheels

Van Halteren Defence is one of the leading suppliers of running wheels for military tracked vehicles. Since the start of this activity, we have supplied many different wheels to a large number of countries and vehicle manufacturers.

Today, Van Halteren is an expert partner in the field of running wheels for various vehicle manufacturers. In recent years, we have supplied the wheels for many newly introduced vehicle systems.

We have introduced improved wheels for tracked vehicles that have been operational for some time. In doing so, we always try to achieve an optimum between life-cycle costs, strength and weight.

We currently supply wheels for various tracked vehicles, including howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, recovery vehicles, combat engineer vehicles and other applications. We have partnerships with rubber companies in various countries.

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Theo Koopmanschap

Theo Koopmanschap

Sales Director

Please contact our Sales Director Theo Koopmanschap for more information about our road wheels.

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