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We are dedicated to achieve excellence, no matter the complexity of the challenge. Getting a kick out of creating everything from exclusive solutions till off-the-shelves products for multiple purposes. This is how we’ve worked since day one and we are determined to pass on this commitment to future generations. Technology is evolving fast. That’s why we invest in learning new skills every day. It keeps us sharp and up-to-date, enabling us to invent continuously and quickly, applying new ideas and developments to our products, processes and services. Solving problems before they arise.

How it all started

1969 Beginnings

Our story

1969: Beginnings

In 1969, ambitious technical professions teacher Aart van Halteren founded Van Halteren Metaal in Bunschoten, The Netherlands. With specialized metal products for local shop-keepers such as bakeries and milkmen, his small workshop was quickly filled and Aart asked his brother Joep van Halteren to join his growing business.

1972 Expansion

Our story

1972: Expansion

In 1972, son-in-law Izaak Veerman followed to expand commercially. In the seventies, Van Halteren Technologies won a substantial contract to design and produce road wheels for military tracked vehicles. With this contract, the road wheels division was born. In the eighties, Van Halteren Technologies was in need of larger production facilities and moved to industrial estate De Kronkels in Bunschoten.

The nineties Howitzer Crew Trainers

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The nineties: Howitzer Crew Trainers

In the nineties, the first orders for Howitzer Crew Trainers were placed. Ever since, Van Halteren Technologies has been designing, improving and producing defence simulation systems for international customers.

2004 several contracts for the production of important land based subsystems

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2004: several contracts for the production of important land based (sub)systems

In 2004, the land systems activities started when Van Halteren was awarded several contracts for the production of important land based (sub)systems such as the Pzh2000 and the CV90.  Maintenance, repair and overhaul services followed from this program and Van Halteren Technologies developed excellent partnerships with the Dutch MoD and several Original Equipment Manufacturers. Over the years, various expansions were made to the facilities in Bunschoten to ensure production capabilities for the increased demand.

2015 the acquisition of NOVEK Technical Solutions

Our story

2015: the acquisition of NOVEK Technical Solutions

The product portfolio continued to grow, especially after the acquisition of NOVEK Technical Solutions (formerly Stork Special Products) in 2015. With the new facility in Zwolle, Van Halteren Technologies took over a large spare parts department and a well-equipped facility specialized in the maintenance,  repair and overhaul of engines and transmissions of heavy vehicles. Moreover, Van Halteren Technologies expanded its portfolio with products and services for the naval market, such as HVAC systems and NBC/CBRN filters.

2022 the acquisition of Bosch Rexroth Large Projects

Our story

2022: the acquisition of Bosch Rexroth Large Projects

Always on the look-out for new technologies and opportunities to better serve client’s needs, Van Halteren Technologies acquired Bosch Rexroth Large Projects (formerly known as Hydraudyne) in 2022. The latest acquisition adds motion technology to the simulation department, brings in the finest drive and control technology and completes the naval portfolio with Replenishment At Sea (RAS) and Helicopter Transfer Systems.

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We use creative engineering to find unique solutions to highly complex challenges across different industries and areas of expertise. By continuing to invest in new technologies and product innovation, we guarantee a maximum lifespan through smart maintenance. This makes our products and services just as sustainable as our partnerships.

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