We create lasting solutions to highly complex defence challenges.

We supply high quality products and services for clients from the international defence market, including governments and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Environmental Control Systems

Van Halteren develops and produces AC (air conditioning) and NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) systems for Defence applications.

Van Halteren is the leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of (combined) NBC systems (protection against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons) and air conditioning (AC) systems, which provide the right working conditions for people and equipment in armoured vehicles.

Proper cooling of the crew cabin and equipment, combined with an NBC filter system, is essential for survival in modern wars. Van Halteren climate control systems continue to function properly around the world, no matter how harsh the conditions. Van Halteren delivers customised systems depending on the stated requirements of the customer.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Our motivated and qualified staff and our well-equipped production facilities enable us to provide a variety of services focused on all phases of the life cycle of ground-based military systems.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul vehicles: preventive and corrective maintenance of military vehicles.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul components: maintenance, repair and overhaul of components (such as engines, transmissions, wheel suspensions, air conditioning and roadwheels).

Van Halteren has a number of advanced test benches enabling powerpacks, engines and transmissions from the Leopard family, PzH2000, Boxer, Bushmaster, Fennek and CV90 to be tested functionally and fully loaded. In addition to testing, Van Halteren also has the expertise to preserve products for long-term storage.

Road Wheels

Van Halteren Defence is one of the leading suppliers of running wheels for military tracked vehicles. Since the start of this activity, we have supplied many different wheels to a large number of countries and vehicle manufacturers.

Today, Van Halteren is an expert partner in the field of running wheels for various vehicle manufacturers. In recent years, we have supplied the wheels for many newly introduced vehicle systems.

We have introduced improved wheels for tracked vehicles that have been operational for some time. In doing so, we always try to achieve an optimum between life-cycle costs, strength and weight.

We currently supply wheels for various tracked vehicles, including howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, recovery vehicles, combat engineer vehicles and other applications. We have partnerships with rubber companies in various countries.

Simulation & Training

In 1990, an increased lack of training areas, rising ammunition costs and the growing need for more time-efficient training, led the Dutch Ministry of Defence to form a joint effort team with Van Halteren Technologies to develop Howitzer Crew Trainers. Howitzer Crew Trainers enable training the units to the highest proficiency while spending the least amount of resources.

After delivering and evaluating the first Howitzer Crew Trainer, Van Halteren Technologies gained international attention. Numerous international customers followed the Dutch MoD by ordering Howitzer Crew Trainers. The growing customer base and their user-feedback, helped VHT to continuously invest in the further development of these systems.

Van Halteren Technologies are now world-leading supplier of Howitzer Crew Trainers. The highly advanced simulators are aimed at bridging the gap between theoretical training and ‘live firing’. The challenge for today’s training is to ensure that the highest level of competence is achieved in the most efficient way.

Spare parts

Van Halteren is active in defence-related projects, developing and producing innovative components and systems for which it also supplies spare parts. Optimisation of the supply chain and maintenance activities are of great importance to both Van Halteren and the end customer, especially with regard to the aforementioned spare parts for land-based systems and vehicles.

Gathering and analysing the necessary information on, among other things, consumption and stock levels within the service supply chains are key in this regard. Van Halteren does not shy away from this challenge.


We have three large production facilities at its disposition in The Netherlands, well-equipped with an extensive CNC machine park and welding capabilities. Furthermore, we are proud to work with an experienced team of international welding engineers and skilled employees. After successful collaborations, VHT now acts as a preferred supplier for several OEM’s for (armoured) steel components for ground-based platforms.


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