We create lasting solutions to highly complex wave generation challenges.

Wave movements have a significant impact on the function and lifespan of ships, offshore installations and coastal engineering. This is why scientists and engineers study these effects in hydrodynamic research labs. Their findings lead to new engineering standards and improved safety. We will provide you with complete solutions for controlled wave generation.

Wave Generator Solutions

Our typical wave generator solutions are:

Towing Carriage Systems

Ship hydrodynamic research facilities are commonly equipped with a towing carriage system. The system runs on two rails which are placed on either side of a research basin or tank. The towing carriage can be operated in two different ways, it can either tow a model or follow a self-propelled model. Furthermore, the towing carriage is equipped with computers for model control and data acquisition.

Active Reflection Compensation

As an option the wave generator can be equipped with Active Reflection Compensation (ARC). With this functionality up to 90% of the height of waves traveling towards the wave generator can be absorbed. This will reduce the amount of re-reflection and hence improve the quality of the generated wave.

With ARC the maximum test duration can be increased, while the effect of unwanted low frequency oscillations is decreased. Another interesting aspect of ARC is that the time between tests can be decreased by effectively stretching the water surface.

Hydrodynamic Research Solutions

Other important hydrodynamic research solutions we offer are:

  • Drive and fixation systems for adjustable floors
  • Adjustable platforms for wave generators for variable hinge depth
  • Stowage systems for lifting the wave generators out of the basin
  • Planar motion mechanisms
  • Passive wave absorbers
  • Refurbishment of existing equipment

Control System

The control system is based on a master-slave principle and controls the correct interaction between the central computer and the modules. The provision of actual data of the drive & control system enable manual interventions by the operator. Apart from the functional control the operator control panel provides a Graphical User Interface, facilitating system monitoring and parameter adjustment.

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Corino Corver

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