We create lasting solutions to highly complex subcontracting challenges.

We offer various subcontracting activities. VHT has a wide range of machinery that can be used for but is not limited to coating technology (laser cladding, HVOF), honing, structuring, polishing, turning, drilling, milling, welding, and assembly.

Complex Machined Parts

Our machining workshop is set up with a variety of machining centres for both milling and turning. We machine products from approx. 200mm to 20.000mm with likewise CMM (measuring) and product hoisting competences (40T).

For turning we have both horizontal lathes as well as a large vertical carrousel type machine. For milling we work with dedicated milling centres as well as with combined turning/milling machines.


Together with our 24hr/5day shift operation this provides great flexibility and back up in our production. The Van Halteren Academy provides continuous training and actualized know how for our (technical) staff, with operators deployable on multiple machines. Influx of new young professionals is being managed through our Van Halteren Academy.

Processing of all the going construction materials including high-strength steel, stainless steel and aluminium, as well as the processing of various high grade alloys. We handle small to medium volumes, from one-offs or proto’s to 500+ pieces.

Functional Subsystems

As our customers are evolving and focusing more on their key competences, usually design & final assembly, we grow with our customers and supply sub-assembled and pre-tested systems.

We have all the competences and experience in house to support you with, and provide:

  • Management of subcontractor supply chains

  • Skilled and trained staff for assembly of in house manufactured parts and bought in technology such as hydraulics, drives, sensors, pneumatics, (PLC) controls, etc.

  • Engineering of components up to complete subassemblies

  • Testing facilities such as mechanical functionality, leak testing, pressure testing etc.

  • Tooling design for production, testing and assembly

  • Clean assembly hall separate from machining and construction departments

Vacuüm modules

Being active in vacuum applications for different industries, we have more and more developed into a specialist for (large) vacuum chamber production and testing. In recent years we completed amongst others major vacuum chambers for lines for the PV Industry. Our scope of supply and expertise includes for;

  • Large precision machining – from 100mm to 20.000mm
  • Certified Welding
  • CMM (measuringin house)
  • Cleaning(Electro-mechanical)
  • Assembly Helium leak testing
  • Handling both ferro and non-ferro high grade alloys

Welding Constructions

The welding of various materials is a core competence at Van Halteren Metaal. We supply high-quality and complex assemblies for various industries and under various welding standards.

Our customers have high demands, not only in terms of joint strength, but also visually. The welding assemblies are in turn part of our customers’ machines and systems for the benefit of the end customer. Quality awareness throughout the chain is therefore especially important, regardless of whether it is a military vehicle, an offshore crane or a mould.

(Rod) Coating

Newly created technological methods for surface technologies, have replaced old technologies, like plasma sprayed Ceramax. Laser cladded, thermal spraying and overlay welding have become the standard. Together, these in-house technologies form Van Halteren Technologies' brand name for rod coatings: Enduroq.

For all environmental situations, Enduroq surface technologies can offer excellent solutions. Furthermore, Enduroq integrates concepts for selecting, engineering and producing leads, steering to the highest quality products and services.

Meet our experts

Theo Koopmanschap

Theo Koopmanschap

Sales Director

Please contact our Sales Director Theo Koopmanschap for more information about subcontracting of defence projects and products.

Jeroen Kleinlugtenbelt

Jeroen Kleinlugtenbelt

Sales Manager Subcontracting

Please contact our Sales Manager Jeroen Kleinlugtenbelt for more information about subcontracting.

Mark Timmermans

Mark Timmermans

Sales Manager Subcontracting

Please contact our Sales Manager and Service Expert Mark Timmermans for more information about subcontracting of rod coatings.

LardJan Jansen

Lard-Jan Jansen

Sales Manager Subcontracting

Please contact our Sales Manager and Service Expert Lard-Jan Jansen for more information about subcontracting of rod coatings.

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