We create lasting solutions to highly complex hydrogen compression challenges.

Fast and efficient hydrogen refueling plays a key part in the fossil-free future of transportation. To get there, we need safe and sustainable ways of storing and dispensing highly compressed hydrogen. But pressurized fuel storage tends to be complicated and costly, creating delays between refuels. So, we applied our hydraulics expertise to create a forward-thinking alternative. H2Direct is a high-capacity direct compression system, enabling back-to-back refueling of heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles and fueling of tube trailers.

Hydrogen Compression System

This system enables rapid refueling of long-range heavy-duty vehicles (e.g.: bus, truck, train, ship). It is scalable and modular which makes it easy to fit in your specific requirements. It is suitable for back-to-back filling and back-to-base operation and suitable for unmanned refueling stations. We also offer a remote monitoring option.

Hydrogen Accumulators

We secure constant refueling pressure for hydrogen trains. Efficient and reliable hydrogen infrastructure has become a focus point on the path towards fossil-free mobility. In 2021 we completed our second large hydrogen project in collaboration with Linde. This time pioneering high capacity refueling for hydrogen-powered trains. The project was an important step forward for us as a provider of green innovations.

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Peter de Kiewit

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Please contact our Hydrogen Compression Expert and Sales Manager Peter de Kiewit for more information about our hydrogen compression system.

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