Helicopter transfer systems (HTS)

Van Halteren Technologies, a renowned leader in maritime engineering, has developed and built advanced helicopter transfer systems (HTS) for a wide range of helicopters in the naval industry. These systems, available in winch-and-cable and rail-based designs, ensure safe and efficient transportation of helicopters into and out of hangars, catering to both single and dual hangar ship lay-outs.

Types of Helicopter Transfer Systems


  • Rail-Based Systems

Our rail-based HTS utilizes a double rail system integrated into the ship's deck structure, providing secure guidance for the towing and steering beams. Inside the rails, rail travellers are connected to wire ropes, driven by winches located within the hangar. This innovative construction offers stability and control during the transfer process, even in challenging conditions with significant ship movement or roll.


  • Winch-Based Systems

With a proven concept, our winch-based HTS features a 3 or 4 winch system that employs wire ropes running through sheaves attached to the helicopter's strong points. Depending on specific parameters, the appropriate winch solution is chosen. This cost-effective system is suitable for small- to medium-sized helicopters and can be seamlessly installed on existing ships with minimal modifications.

Benefits of Van Halteren's Helicopter Transfer Systems


  • Safety First: Van Halteren Technologies prioritizes safety, ensuring the secure transportation of helicopters during transfers, even in adverse weather conditions or rough seas.


  • Customized Solutions: our HTS can be tailored to meet specific requirements and vessel configurations, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.


  • Cost-Effective Implementation: our winch-based HTS can be installed with minimal modifications to existing ships, reducing costs and downtime.


  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: the HTS streamlines helicopter transfer operations, optimizing workflow and minimizing hangar downtime.


  • Proven Expertise: with a wealth of experience in the naval industry, Van Halteren Technologies is a trusted partner for helicopter transfer systems, providing high-quality solutions that meet industry standards.


Van Halteren Technologies is at the forefront of helicopter transfer systems in the naval industry, offering innovative and tailored solutions for safe and efficient helicopter transportation. Whether it's a rail-based or winch-based design, our HTS ensures smooth and secure transfers, enabling naval vessels to operate with confidence and effectiveness. Partner with Van Halteren Technologies for cutting-edge helicopter transfer systems that elevate your naval operations to new heights.

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Peter de Kiewit

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