Active Heave Compensation System

In the dynamic and demanding offshore industry, maintaining stability and safety while operating under high wave conditions is a significant challenge. That's where Van Halteren Technologies' Active Heave Compensation Systems (AHC) come into play. In this blog post, we will delve into the advantages of AHC systems, exploring how they significantly expand the operational window and ensure safe working conditions in diverse offshore environments.

Benefits of an Active Heave Compensation System


  • Expanding the Operational Window

Active Heave Compensation Systems (AHC) from Van Halteren Technologies are designed to significantly enlarge the operational window for offshore operations. With their fast-reacting and stable nature, AHC systems enable safe and reliable operations even when waves are considerably high. By actively countering the effects of wave motion, these systems ensure that your operations can proceed smoothly and efficiently, without compromising on safety. The expanded operational window allows you to maximize productivity and seize opportunities in various weather and sea conditions.


  • Versatility through Active Control

Van Halteren Technologies' AHC systems utilize actively controlled devices, offering versatility to adapt to different operational requirements. These systems can operate in various modes, depending on the characteristics needed for a specific task. In the AHC-mode, they maintain a constant vertical position for a free-hanging load, ensuring precise control and stability. Alternatively, in the CT-mode, AHC systems maintain a constant tension for supported or fixed loads, optimizing operational performance in different scenarios. This versatility empowers you to tackle a wide range of offshore tasks efficiently and with enhanced control.


  • Ensuring Safe Working Conditions

Safety is paramount in offshore operations, particularly in challenging wave conditions. Van Halteren Technologies' AHC systems are meticulously designed to ensure safe working conditions. By actively compensating for heave motion, these systems maintain stability, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. The combination of fast-reacting control mechanisms and robust engineering guarantees that your crew and equipment are protected, even in the harshest offshore environments. With our AHC systems, you can prioritize safety without compromising operational efficiency.


  • Reliability and Stability

Van Halteren Technologies is committed to delivering AHC systems that offer unrivaled reliability and stability. Our systems undergo rigorous testing and quality control to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. By employing advanced control algorithms and precision engineering, we guarantee that our AHC systems perform consistently, even in the most demanding offshore conditions. You can rely on Van Halteren Technologies to provide AHC solutions that enhance the overall reliability and stability of your offshore operations.


Van Halteren Technologies' Active Heave Compensation Systems (AHC) are a game-changer in the offshore industry, enabling safe and efficient operations in challenging wave environments. By expanding the operational window, offering versatile control modes, ensuring safe working conditions, and providing unmatched reliability and stability, our AHC systems empower you to unlock the full potential of your offshore projects. Choose Van Halteren Technologies as your partner and experience the transformative benefits of AHC in enhancing offshore performance, productivity, and safety.

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