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Van Halteren Technologies is your trusted partner in delivering certified products and customized solutions for the offshore dredging industry. With our extensive experience, we offer a diverse range of dredgers, including Hopper Dredgers, Cutter Dredgers, Split Barges, and more. In this blog post, we will explore the features and applications of these versatile dredging vessels, showcasing how they can optimize your dredging operations and contribute to your success.

Types of dredgers


  • Hopper Dredgers: Excavate with Precision and Efficiency

Hopper Dredgers are designed to excavate materials from the seabed using forward movements and suction power. Equipped with an extendable suction pipe and a draghead, these dredgers efficiently remove sediments. At Van Halteren Technologies, we understand the specific requirements of hopper dredgers, and we have developed customized product-packages to tackle their unique movements effectively. Our solutions include suction pipe handling, unloading systems, loading systems, and winch systems, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.


  • Cutter Dredgers: Conquer High Strength Materials

When it comes to high strength materials like clay, packed or compact sand, and rock, Cutter Dredgers are the ideal choice. These dredgers are equipped with cutting devices that increase the dislodging force, enabling efficient excavation. With their ability to operate in shallow water and dredge a wide range of materials, Cutter Dredgers provide versatility and effectiveness in demanding dredging projects. Van Halteren Technologies offers solutions such as spud systems, barge loading installations, sand pump systems, and cutter ladder systems to enhance the capabilities of Cutter Dredgers.


  • Split Hopper Barges: Efficient Transportation of Sediments

For the transportation of sediments such as sand, stone, and clay, Split Hopper Barges are indispensable. These specialized vessels split their hulls into two halves to facilitate the dumping of materials into the water. Van Halteren Technologies provides solutions such as unloading systems, overflow systems, winch systems, and auxiliaries to optimize the performance of Split Hopper Barges. With our tailored solutions, you can ensure efficient and reliable sediment transportation for land reclamation and other projects.


  • Other Dredging Vessels: Tailored Solutions for Unique Challenges

In addition to the widely used Hopper Dredgers, Cutter Dredgers, and Split Hopper Barges, Van Halteren Technologies offers specialized solutions for unique dredging challenges. Our range of dredging vessels includes Backhoe Dredges, Side Stone Dumping Vessels, Fall Pipe Vessels, Piling Barges, and Work Platforms. These specialized vessels cater to specific requirements and provide efficient solutions for a wide range of dredging applications.


Van Halteren Technologies stands as your reliable partner in the offshore dredging industry, offering certified products and customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our Hopper Dredgers, Cutter Dredgers, Split Hopper Barges, and other specialized vessels, you can enhance your dredging operations, improve productivity, and achieve remarkable results. Trust in Van Halteren Technologies' cutting-edge technology, expertise, and commitment to excellence to unlock the full potential of your offshore dredging projects.

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