Off-grid power solutions

Off-grid power solutions are self-contained and independent electrical systems that operate without a connection to the main power grid. These solutions are particularly vital in remote or rural areas where traiditonal grid infrastrucure is either absent or unreliable.

Off-grid power benefits

The PMS is designed to control and modulate the power supply, so you only use what you need, when you need it. One installed, it offers reduced energy costs, higher profit margins and, perhaps most importantly, improved sustainability.

  • Lowest cost per cycle

VHT's Power Management Systems stand out by offering the lowest cost per cycle compared to the competition. The cost per cycle is based on the combination of price and lifetime of the PMS. This cost-saving feature makes our systems the ideal choice for companies looking for efficient and cost-effective solutions to their power needs.

  • Energy storage

Off-grid systems typically operate on renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines or hydro-generators to produce electricity, which is then stored in batteries for use when needed.

  • Peak Shaving

Peak shaving is an energy management strategy to reduce peak electricity demand during periods of high consumption, such as late afternoon or early evening. This approach minimizes grid load and often results in lower costs for businesses.

  • Custom made solutions

Our PMS offers flexibility and can be devliered either as a stand-alone product or as part of a larger project. This allows us to tailer our solutions to our customers' in dividual needs. We understand that every customer is unique, which is why we offer customizable solutions. It's your needs, your choice.

  • Flexible scalability of the systems

Our PMS is scalable and flexible. You can start small and easily expand with new modules as your business grows. This gives you the control and freedom to adapt your energy management to the needs of your business, both new and in the future.


Application: off-grid construction site

  • Cost reduction by efficient energy management

Our off-grid power management systems save costs through smart use of efficient energy management, reduce electricity dependence and promote sustainability. This will help you meet your sustainable goals.

  • Zero emission future

Our systems promote a zero-emission future. At VHT, we understand the need for emission reduction and have developed environmentally friendly PMS solutions. Together, we strive to reduce emissions and participate in a cleaner planet.

  • Reliability of the Power Mangement Systems

Our power management systems are exceptionally reliable and guarantee consistent, uninterrupted power. So you can count on your business operations at your off grid construction site to run uninterrupted.

  • No noise pollution

Our power management systems are designed with silence in mind, our power mangement systems produce minimal to no noise, ensuring quiet working environments.

  • Temporary charging of inudstrial vehicles

With our power management systems, industrial vehicles can be charged quickly and efficiently when needed, reducing downtime and increasing productivity in your business processes. You can always count on our PMS for seamless power management.

  • New alternative for diesel generators

The power management system is a sustainable alternative or addition to diesel generators. It uses advanced battery technology to reduce harmful emissions and provide green energy for various applications.

Latest industry requirements

At Van Halteren Technologies, our Power Management Systems meet the latest industry requirements and standards. We strive to provide high-quality solutions that meet applicable standards and ensure optimal performance and safety. Curious about the specific standards? Explore the details in our brochure.

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