We create lasting solutions to highly complex MRO challenges.

We support the Ministry of Defence during the entire life cycle of the used product, system or vehicle with regard to service, repair and maintenance. This is done proactively and preventively as well as correctively.

Landsystems & MRO

Our motivated and qualified staff and our well-equipped production facilities enable us to provide a variety of services focused on all phases of the life cycle of ground-based military systems.

MRO vehicles: preventive and corrective maintenance of military vehicles.

MRO components: maintenance, repair and overhaul of components (such as engines, transmissions, wheel suspensions, air conditioning and roadwheels).

Van Halteren has a number of advanced test benches enabling powerpacks, engines and transmissions from the Leopard family, PzH2000, Boxer, Bushmaster, Fennek and CV90 to be tested functionally and fully loaded. In addition to testing, Van Halteren also has the expertise to preserve products for long-term storage.

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Theo Koopmanschap

Theo Koopmanschap

Sales Manager Defence

Please contact our MRO Expert and Sales Manager Theo Koopmanschap for more information about these projects.

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