Service - Health Check, Modernization & Upgrades

Health Check, Modernization & Upgrades

We offer health checks to determine the current state of you machine. Based on this health check, we carry out technical upgrades to ensure that your asset is scaling and evolving to match the needs of your business. We modernize your assets to the latest state-of-the-art technology and upgrade your asset with the aim of increasing up-time and life-time expectancy.

Our service is performed by committed and experienced engineers who actively engage with your team to find the most suitable solutions and improvements.

Health Check

Curious about the health of your cylinder and system?


Our health check is an assessment of your asset and benchmarking of its performance to give you strategic recommendations for improvement.


Proactive maintenance of cylinders is essential for any drive and control system, especially when operating in hostile environments where high reliability and high performance of the equipment is required. In addition to our quality repair services as the original manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, we offer application based maintenance solutions to ensure long life-time, prevent unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs for your critical assets


Please share your filled in version with your VHTY representative and/or the contact details above. We will contact you for advise based on the outcome of the inspection.


All VHT technology is built to the highest possible standards, but as time passes, standards change. We are constantly developing new technology and manufacturing methods which allow us to consistently offer the very best in large cylinder solutions. In order to ensure our customers always have access to the latest and greatest technology without the need for wholesale replacement, we offer a complete overhaul and modernization service.


Choosing VHT for large cylinder modernization and overhaul has a number of benefits, including:

  • A guarantee that the performance, durability and efficiency will significantly improve
  • Extended equipment lifetime
  • Full compliance with all relevant rules and regulations
  • Ongoing service and access to technical expertise whenever you need it
  • Original documentation that VHT is known for