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Digital Services

We offer a custom-made digital service plan, developed together with you. The main goal of this plan is to maximize uptime and availability of your machine, safeguard operational readiness, execute the relevant maintenance and reduce costs.


Our Digital  solutions         

Additional Services

Operator error               

Remote support;

Build in diagnostics,

Digital manuals

Training operators and maintenance

Field service / repair to resolve issue’s

Wear and tear  

Build in self test             

Health Checks  

Smart Maintenance   

Preventive maintenance, based on facts

Condition based maintenance to avoid unnecessary work 

Process influences         

Remote support;

Data logging

Field service / repair to resolve

Analysis; Upgrades; modernization

Maintenance culture

Digital twins

Data logging

Condition monitoring

Remote support             

Involve this aspect in the design; ease training and remote support

Fact finding and help define failures and improve KPI’s        

Analyze actual usage and adapt improve operational performance

Involve in the original manufacturer to improve knowledge