Van Halteren Technologies as your "One partner" for the entire life cycle

Van Halteren Technologies offers the professional services of a full-range supplier all over the world. As a specialist in Naval and Defence Technologies we supply services to our products all over the world. For customer specific drive and control technologies, we take a cross-technological approach regarding your dedicated demands. This enables us to maximize machine uptime and minimize downtimes. This starts with an integrated approach during the project phases: full life cycle requirement analysis; involvement in production and commissioning phase and all maintenance aspects during the usage phase.

From emergency repairs to field service, the Van Halteren Technologies service range provides:

  • Spare parts;
  • Repair;
  • Field service;
  • Specialized services:
    • Training: dedicated to system or machine;
    • Support by Remote Access;
    • Planned / Preventive Maintenance;
    • Project Modernization / Overhaul;
    • Data Logging / analysis;
    • Condition Monitoring;
    • Service Level Agreements SLA.

Spare parts

Supplied quickly and reliable

With the access to the original specifications and back-up from the design team, we can ensure that the replacement of parts; both commodities and dedicated parts can be selected or designed to replace by adequate parts in your system or machine. This can be original OEM parts or dedicated specialties when required. Our goal is to provide replacement parts with high availability and speed. We operate on a 24/7 schedule to help you maintain the maximum uptime on your machines.



The cost-effective alternative to replacement

With a dedicated workshop; access to original design documents, we can check and repair exclusively with original parts or components; Van Halteren Technologies supplied equipment. We also offer consistent quality standards for emergency and express repairs as well as warranties on repaired products.


Field service

Specialist on-site

We take care of the commissioning, diagnosis and troubleshooting processes during the entire machine life-cycle. We identify optimization potentials and recommend measures to maximize your uptimes and minimize the total cost of ownership.

Specialized Services

Extreme challenges deserve extraordinary service, our drive solutions are being used at the most spectacular sites of the world. The industries served by Van Halteren Technologies are generally very ambitious – from the marine, offshore, motion and civil technologies to large cylinders / actuators for production as well as flood-gates and barrages. This extremely broad spectrum calls for specially certified field service experts and dedicated approaches. Every day we are perfectly prepared to keep up the productive capacity of our customers. With these services you can rely on even under the hardest conditions worldwide day by day.

Training - Dedicated to system or machine

With our systems an elaborated set of documentation has been delivered. With the training sessions we can organize; operational aspects; maintenance topics and some expert items can be covered with class-room / hands on-training session. With a customer specific machine; the knowledge gained during the first months / years of used will be worthwhile of transferring into modifications in the way of usage; maintenance methods and translating into the manuals to improve and save / share this knowledge. The same is valid for changes in staff; new information gained on the system to be shared in time with additional trainings. This can be enhanced with the support from an expert by means of phone or internet connection. The objective of such a training will be the achievement of staff to be able perform level 1 and 2 according EN 13306.

Support by Remote Access

We can safeguard the availability of support engineers to provide phone and (VPN secured) internet access to  the (control) system to support a trained / skilled operator with issue’s on the system. A pre-lined-up team of Van Halteren Technologies service technical experts with direct access to the Control System can be made or held available. Remote Access infrastructure must be “inside” and operational (“active”).
The operator must have relevant documentation available and must be sufficiently trained for the application in order to communicate with the service coordinator or engineer. For both operators and maintenance staff we can organize training session in the initial build and commissioning phase, however this can also be repeated or done when customer staff has been changed. The support team from VHT side is based on the feedback from users and internal discussion improved and in depth trainings are scheduled to continues improve and maintain the knowledge level at a high level. 

Preventive maintenance - Wear-usage detected, danger avoided

This preventive measure; also called planned maintenance, avoids unnecessary repairs and additional costs. With the dedicated system knowledge and sometimes dedicated build-inn system diagnostics tests; our service engineers can review the general machine status. With their experience; they contribute together with the predefined maintenance topics advised in the manuals, to a healthy and reliable system. We prevent harmful malfunctions and know exactly what to do. In addition to this information, we provide you with appropriate solutions on request.

Project Modernization / Overhaul

With our system based on a hybrid mix of (heavy) mechanical constructions and cutting edge technology on controls and software; these two worlds does differ in their life expectancy. The obsolesce or parts; end of life of electric / electronic components; phase out of software licenses etc. requires dedicated approach to keep such systems alive. Of course, we meet the requirements of current national and international machine safety regulations. For older systems a retrofit of single components is often a good solution. To ensure continued usage and availability / productivity of your machines, Van Halteren Technologies Service can provide analysis of the current condition of your machinery, develop cost-efficient optimization suggestions, and can provide the implementation of the modernizations / mid-life upgrade measures. 
During product overhauls actuators; cylinders or (mechanical) products are being completely reconditioned according to certified factory standards with a full warranty. Van Halteren Technologies Service checks all wearing parts of a product and replaces them with the latest technology.

Data logging / Data Analysis

For both new systems and/or existing equipment, we can measure key performance indicators; system parameters and or control signals; log and store these for later usage. By analyzing these data; either in real time or by post processing, we will be able to understand actual behavior; visualize current processes; detect anomalies and support fault finding or define improvement options. These data logging analyze options can be helpful for both existing equipment prior to advised modernizations; upgrades or overhauls and or new system. By monitoring actual usage and sampling events, we can support by fault finding or possible optimizations in performance; maintenance and or energy consumption.

Condition Monitoring

In our service packages and high-end systems; you will find a solution tailored exactly to your condition-based maintenance needs. Conventional limit analyses; performance monitoring; actual operational usage sampling; logging system events and fault tracking are typical topics which are or can be implemented in our systems for service; troubleshoot and performance analyses. These can be made available or accessible for both operator; user and/or “remote” support by a VPN safe connection when agreed. No matter which solution you choose at Van Halteren Technologies, service means partnership.

Service Agreements

  • Material warranty agreements:

Extend the standard warranty period as needed, through our various programs.

  • Spare parts management agreements:

Benefit from the guaranteed rapid and reliable delivery of specified products within defined periods of time – in all parts of the world.

  • Personnel warranty agreements:  

Ensure that experienced Van Halteren Technologies specialists professionally diagnose and rectify malfunctions on-site within guaranteed reaction times.

  • Maintenance agreements:

Rely on the regular maintenance of your plant by Van Halteren Technologies technicians. The extent of the services and maintenance cycles are tailored to meet your individual machine requirements.

  • Long Life Service agreements:

Take advantage of our services and spare parts supply beyond the defined service period. Through this special program, VHT will stock all the required materials and documents.

Or a mix of the above items and earlier defined subjects can be tailored for your specific needs and support.