We create lasting solutions to highly complex power management challenges.

Van Halteren Technologies is your partner for Power Management Systems: unmatched system reliability, the lowest cost per cycle, high service availability, and zero emission power solutions. We offer both on-grid and off-grid solutions. Build smart, build sustainable with VHT.

Power Management System

Our power management system is designed to control and modulate the power supply so that you only use what you need and when you need it. Once installed, it provides the following benefits:

  • On grid and off grid power supply solutions 
  • Peak shaving and uninterruptable power supply
  • Emission reduction by reducing the need for fossil fuels
  • Easy to switch to renewable energy sources due to power modulation 
  • Modular and scalable platform can be configured to fit your needs
  • Open standard controls 
  • Standard industrial components which are easy to repair and easy to replace 
  • Compact and powerful solution, with high power density 

Every on-grid or off-grid situation is unique, with its own set of needs. We are integrators, and we excel at assembling the right components to provide a tailored solution. We take time to select and combine the perfect components to meet your specific requirements. Together, we create the ideal solution.

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Peter de Kiewit

Peter de Kiewit

Sales Manager Power Management

Please contact our power management expert and Sales Manager Peter de Kiewit for more information about our power management system.

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