We create lasting solutions to highly complex marine HVAC challenges.

We deliver a diversity of naval solutions, varying from Chilled water units, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) filters, Special Cooling Units for all kind of radar-, search-, weapon- and communication systems, Spare Parts and Trading Products. VHT equipment, systems and services are designed for worldwide operation under the most severe circumstances without losing their operational ability.

Climate Systems

Van Halteren Naval Technologies (VHNT) is your reliable partner and leading expert in the field of climate control on board (naval) vessels. VHNT supplies an extensive range of high-quality climate control products.

  • Air handling systems; air handling units, NBC Filter units, fans, ducts, (fire) dampers, temperature sensors and CO2 sensors,
  • Cooling systems; Chiller units, including pumps, cold water distribution systems, valves and pressure/temperature sensors,
  • Fan-coil units,
  • Heating systems; boilers, hot water distribution systems, valves and pressure/temperature sensors and electric heaters,
  • Radar cooling,
  • Cooling and Freezing systems for provisions,
  • Electrical switch boxes, PLCs, software and control systems,
  • Engineering

Chilled water units

Van Halteren Naval Technologies designs, manufactures and services (100% oil-free) chilled water units based on a modular design and customised to customer specifications. We have successfully introduced the latest generation of chiller units based on magnetic bearing supported, oil-free compressor technology, into the maritime market. This technology has already been installed on submarines, frigates, corvettes, minehunters, logistic support ships and mega yachts.

  • compressor with magnetic bearings
  • 100% oil-free, reduced complexity and improved heat transfer efficiency
  • low noise & vibration level
  • low weight and compact size
  • high partial load efficiency (coefficient of performance)
  • soft start (< 2 amperes)
  • low maintenance costs, no wearing parts, shock resistant
  • improved MTBF times
  • by using plate exchangers, less refrigerant is required, therefore less polluting


Collective protection against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) agents.

For over 25 years, Van Halteren Naval Technologies has been supplying in-house developed NBC filter systems for naval vessels around the world.

  • Complete collective NBC protection with overpressure control in the citadel and sub-citadel
  • STANAG 4447 or ANEP 57 compliant NBC filter units
  • AEP 54 compliant NBC filter units
  • Hull mounted or freestanding
  • Capacity from 600 to 4800 m3/hour
  • Easy filter change, e.g. from the exterior of the ship
  • Integrated electrical panel and control system, including PLC for intrinsically safe operation and alarms
  • Communication with IPMS via CAM, Modbus or Profibus
  • Also suitable for retrofitting


Van Halteren Naval Technologies is an F-gas certified company. It is important to us that you receive proper advice, in order to make an informed choice regarding the most suitable refrigerant or refrigerant replacement.

  • Drop-in
  • Replacement with new refrigerant (environmentally friendly, low GWP)
  • System optimisation
  • Advice and calculations


Van Halteren supports the Ministry of Defence during the entire life cycle of the used product, system or vehicle with regard to service, repair and maintenance. This is done proactively and preventively as well as correctively.

Our motivated and qualified staff and our well-equipped production facilities enable us to provide a variety of services focused on all phases of the life cycle of ground-based military systems.

MRO vehicles: preventive and corrective maintenance of military vehicles.

MRO components: maintenance, repair and overhaul of components (such as engines, transmissions, wheel suspensions, air conditioning and roadwheels).

Van Halteren has a number of advanced test benches enabling powerpacks, engines and transmissions from the Leopard family, PzH2000, Boxer, Bushmaster, Fennek and CV90 to be tested functionally and fully loaded. In addition to testing, Van Halteren also has the expertise to preserve products for long-term storage.


We specialize in the replacement/modernisation of HVAC components, such as chilled water units and provision cooling plants. We integrate the latest technology into your ship.

  • Form fit function
  • Minimal interface modifications
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Increased capacity
  • Low GWP refrigerant replacement
  • Based on increased sea water temperature

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Charles Simons

Charles Simons

Sales Manager Naval

Please contact our Sales Manager and Naval Expert for more information about our Naval Projects.

Peter de Kiewit

Peter de Kiewit

Sales Manager Naval

Please contact our Sales Manager and Naval Expert for more information about our Naval Projects.

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