We create lasting solutions to highly complex cabin crew trainer challenges.

The CEET motion platforms are designed to duplicate real aircraft behaviours. The hydraulic motion system can generate accelerations up to 1 G, and can be locked in any required crash position for emergency-slide operation training.

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET)

A Cabin crew trainer provides a dynamic and realistic training environment to train the airplane cabin crew for emergency situations. Vital cues provided by the motion system contribute to the crew’s situational awareness and increase their stress to a more realistic level.

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET), provide training to cabin crew members, who face an increasingly stressful working environment. High workload, rapidly changing onboard situations, emergency procedures and hazardous circumstances such as heavy turbulence, often conflict with the requirement for friendliness and on board service.

Real Aircraft Behaviour

The CEET motion systems are designed to duplicate the real aircraft behaviour to the maximum extent possible. Training institutes recognize a distinct training effectiveness for the cabin crew when realistic motion acceleration cues (versus static positions) are added.

CEET single aisle motion systems are available for narrow and wide body aircraft type.

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