Offshore & Marine – Dredging

Dredging application areas

The most important dredging application areas, in which Van Halteren Technologies is an experienced partner when it comes to delivering certified products and customized solustions, are:

  • Hopper Dredgers
  • Cutter Dredgers
  • Split Barges
  • Other dredgers

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge

Hopper dredgers excavate materials from the seabed, primarily by forward movements and suction power, through an extendable suction pipe and a draghead. The on board hydraulic installations of hopper dredgers are usually very exhaustive. A lot of specific movements (each with their own requirements) have to be carried out. To tackle these movements, We developed various product-packages.

Products and solutions

  • Suction pipe handling
  • Unloading systems
  • Loading systems
  • Winch systems

Cutter Suction Dredge

Cutter suction dredgers are equipped with a cutting device that increases the dislodging force. This makes cutter dredgers suitable for use in high strength materials such as clay, packed or compact sand and rock. A stationary dredger is moored by means of anchors and/or spuds and is swung around the spudpole, which is powered by winches. The main advantages of this type of vessel is its ability to operate in shallow water and to dredge a wide range of materials.

Products and solutions

  • Spud systems
  • Barge loading installation
  • Sand pump systems
  • Cutter ladder systems

Split Hopper Barge

A split hopper barge is used for the transportation of sediments such as sand, stone and clay. These materials are mostly used for land reclamation and will therefore be dumped, by splitting the hull of the barge into two halves, into the water at sea, in rivers and along coastal areas.

Products and solutions

  • Unloading systems
  • Overflow systems
  • Winch systems
  • Auxiliaries

Other types of dredging vessels

There are many different types of dredgers used in excavating and removing sediments from the sea floor and riverbeds. The hopper dredge, cutter dredge and split barge are widely used for various operations in the dredging industry. More specific challenges require special dredging solutions, namely:

  • Backhoe dredge
  • Side stone dumping vessel
  • Fall pipe vessel
  • Piling barge
  • Work platform