Chilled water units

Chilled water units

Van Halteren Naval Technologies designs, manufactures and services (100% oil-free) chilled water units based on a modular design and customised to customer specifications. We have successfully introduced the latest generation of chiller units based on magnetic bearing supported, oil-free compressor technology, into the maritime market. This technology has already been installed on submarines, frigates, corvettes, minehunters, logistic support ships and mega yachts.

The defining features of our technology are:

  • compressor with magnetic bearings
  • 100% oil-free, reduced complexity and improved heat transfer efficiency
  • low noise level
  • low weight and compact size
  • high partial load efficiency (coefficient of performance)
  • soft start (< 2 amperes)
  • low vibration level
  • shock resistant
  • low maintenance costs, no wearing parts
  • improved MTBF times
  • by using plate exchangers, less refrigerant is required, therefore less polluting


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