Handling at Sea Products - Drive and Control Systems

Drive and Control Systems

Based on long term application experience Van Halteren Technologies offers tailor made “Drive and Control technology” for all types of Naval ships or crafts. In close corporation with customers we can develop dedicated systems such as:

  • (Central) Hydraulic Power Units / Electric drives
  • Actuators, Manifolds, Piping and Controls
  • Launch & Recovery Systems, Arresting Gears on Aircraft Carriers
  • Winches & Capstans
  • Radar Stabilization Systems
  • Power Management Systems
  • Torpedo Handling Systems
  • Container Sliding Systems
  • Flight Deck Railing Systems
  • Trainers / simulators

The control system is based on a master-slave principle and controls the correct interaction between the central computer and the modules. The provision of actual data of the drive & control system enables manual interventions by the operator. Apart from the functional control the operator control panel provides a Graphical User Interface, facilitating system monitoring and parameter adjustment. 

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