Helicopter Transport Systems

Helicopter Transport Systems

We developed and built several helicopter transfer systems (HTS) which provide a winch-and-cable based solution as well as a rail-based design for wide range of helicopters, manned and un-manned. The helicopter handling system is designed to ensure a helicopter’s safe transportation into the hangar after landing and back. Both the HTS system solutions are suitable for a single as well as a dual hangar ship lay-out.

Rail based systems

System design based on double rails integrated in the ship’s deck structure, providing guidance for the towing and steering beams. This beam is connected to rail travellers inside the rails, which are connected to wire ropes, driven by winches inside the hangar. This construction offers a stable solution for a controlled and safe transfer of the helicopter into the hangar even with considerable ship movement or roll.  

Winch based systems

The proven in concept 3 or 4 winch system uses wire-ropes running via sheaves to strong points of the helicopter. Dependent on different parameters a 3 or 4 winch solution may be chosen. A winch-and-cable system is very cost-effective and can be used for various small- or medium-sized helicopter types. Generally, on existing ships, only minor modifications to the ship are required to install this system.

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