Architecture in Motion

The Spiral Tower: First climate-neutral high-rise attraction in the world

The world’s first climate-neutral high-rise attraction, the Spiral Tower is an architectural eye-catcher. It features integrated solar panels, vertical gardens and is crowned with an urban windmill. The Spiral Tower will become a landmark for city centres, urban developments, expo terrains and parks, offering visitors 360-degree views of their surroundings.

The Spiral Tower is a joint initiative by KCI The Engineers, Van Halteren Technologies, HILLEBRAND and NorthernLight. The project is the result of their combined efforts to transform the traditional observation wheel into an innovative, sustainable, and energy- and space-efficient attraction.


Download flyer 'Spiral Tower - A new way to see cities'


Eiffel Tower: Elevator Technology and maintenance

As one the most iconic structures in the world, a lot of work goes into maintaining and taking care of the Eiffel Tower. Originally built between 1887 and 1889, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Europe, and a lot of work is required in order to keep it available to the public. The elevators, for example, are relied upon to transport thousands of people up and down the legs every day, and they’re based on technology which is over 100 years old.

Van Halteren Technologies was selected to provide a much needed revitalization of the elevator technology in the West leg.

London Eye: Ensuring reliable operation through service, modernization and upgrades

Tourists can also discover top technical performances in London, with some of the most powerful action being powered by Van Halteren Technologies. It is our drives that keep the giant Ferris wheel of the London Eye turning, that actuate the opening mechanism for Tower Bridge and that raise the gates of the Thames Barrier, which protects the city against storm and spring floods from the North Sea. The wheel, together with its 32 capsules that are almost fully glazed, rotates at 26 cm per second; a constant speed that is delivered by 16 hydraulic drive wheels.