Enduroq: optimal rod coating for each application

Newly created technological methods for surface technologies, have replaced old technologies, like plasma sprayed Ceramax. Laser cladded, thermal spraying and overlay welding have become the standard. Together, these in-house technologies form Van Halteren Technologies' brand name for rod coatings: Enduroq.

For all environmental situations, Enduroq surface technologies can offer excellent solutions. Furthermore, Enduroq integrates concepts for selecting, engineering and producing leads, steering to the highest quality products and services.

Enduroq 1: Laser cladded surface technology

Highly wear resistant

We introduce laser cladded Enduroq 1 coating for hydraulic and hybrid cylinders to substitute chrome and nickel chrome layers.

The perfect rod coating for industrial and civil engineering applications.

Aimed at civil engineering and industrial applications

Enduroq 1 has no porosity and zero permeability, guaranteeing long lasting surface protection. This means minimal downtime, along with easier maintenance in the field.

  • Highest wear resistance for hydraulic and hybrid cylinders
  • In-house laser cladding process delivers highest quality coating
  • No porosity and zero permeability guarantees long lasting surface protection

Enduroq 2000/2200: Thermal sprayed surface technology

The Enduroq 2000 is a single layer surface technology for intensive use with all characteristics for optimal cylinder functionality in extreme environments. It offers a highly abrasive wear resistance through its high coating strength and nano-sized hard phases.


To protect piston rods against corrosion in the most severe maritime environments, Enduroq 2200 is a perfect choice. This dual layer surface technology combines the excellent properties of Enduroq 2000 with an extremely high corrosion protection.


Customer Benefits:

  • Superb corrosion protection
  • Extreme high wear resistance
  • Significant layer thickness
  • Extremely low porosity level (<1%)
  • Zero permeability
  • Longer lifetimes
  • Minimum downtime

Enduroq 3

Enduroq 3 is the latest development in welded overlay coatings. Characteristics match those of the former 3000 series, although the layer is applied in by means of an improved coating process.


The Enduroq 3 is a single layer surface technology. Its characteristics combine for optimal cylinder functionality in high corrosion industries. The unique corrosion protected surface technology with no porosity and zero permeability guarantees long lasting surface protection.


Customer benefits:

  • Extreme corrosion protection
  • No porosity
  • Zero permeability
  • High ductility
  • Highest quality standards
  • Longer lifetimes
  • Minimum downtime
  • Easy field repair