Measuring systems

Cylinder Integrated Measuring System: CIMS

Fully integrated in the hydraulic cylinder, CIMS requires the application of the CIMS profile beneath the rod surface. The CIMS measuring system works in every environmental situation, such as dredging vessels, offshore platforms, ship loading and unloading systems, tunneling machines and bridges.

CIMSMART Properties

  • High accuracy combined with unlimited stroke lengths.
  • Contactless operation, no contact between sensor and cylinder rod: no-wear parts; no-slide pad; and no-rod diameter, depending on components and a completely closed housing.
  • Easy commissioning/easy installation: plug & play and no (manual) calibration necessary; CIMS will automatically compensate for mounting tolerances, magnetic disturbances and temperature effects.
  • Status CIMS can be monitored. Simplified failure analysis possible: diagnostic output, through a PC or PLC, can be retrieved for sensor status, error codes, sensor identification.
  • Increased operating conditions: CIMS withstands tougher environmental conditions, larger temperature range (up to -40 °C), higher speeds.
  • Can be used in Ex zone 1 areas; optionally available for potentially explosive atmospheres; ATEX zone 1 certified.


Backward Compatibility

Previous CIMS versions (Mk II, III & IV) can be easily replaced. The system is backward compatible, apart from the standard connector which has changed from a 6-pin to a 9-pin connector.