Electric Actuators

Electric, compact, efficiënt

Our electric actuators and cylinders are driven by electrics, but can be either electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic. We always consider your specific demands and request, and advise on the optimal solution for your application.

Customer Benefits with Electric Actuators

  • Energy usage on demand
  • Plug&Run, significant reduction of installation and commissioning time
  • Sustainable solution, reduced carbon footprint
  • Less service efforts, minimized amount of components
  • Reduced costs

Characteristics for Electro Mechanical Cylinders (EMA)

  • Strokes up to 7,5m
  • Forces up to 1500kN
  • Shock and overload proof
  • No (hydraulic) oil
  • Simplified maintenance


Characteristics for Electro Hydraulic Cylinders (EHA)

  • Strokes up to 27m
  • Forces up to 10000kN
  • Shock and overload proof
  • Redundancy features