Offshore Cylinders

Designed for the aggressive offshore environment Rexroth cylinders meet the highest demands regarding safety, corrosion resistance and heavy duty operation. As the leading supplier Rexroth is continuously adopting new technologies. Intensive interaction with OEMs, end-users and consultants ensures that we understand market demands, whether it is deep-sea, arctic or any other demanding offshore application.

Special Features

  • Cylinder designs based on decades of knowledge and field experience
  • Extremely high wear and corrosion resistance
  • High quality seal and bearing configuration
  • Integrated high quality piping
  • Unique solution for Position Measuring system
  • Measuring systems for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Welding for low temperature applications.

Heave Compensation Cylinders

Whether your heave compensation system needs to be active or passive, the most important aspect relates to its ability to withstand the strong natural forces and harsh offshore conditions. Large hydraulic cylinders from Van Halteren Technologies are designed to resist heavy wear and tear that is caused by these harsh conditions. For example, riser tensioner cylinders and heave compensation cylinders operate efficiently because of their quality large hydraulic cylinders.

Riser Tensioner Cylinder

Riser tensioner cylinder Example
Piston diameter 560 mm
Piston rod diameter 230 mm
Stroke length 16,300 mm
Function Stabilizing drill string by compensating motion


Jacking Cylinders

Depending on the requirements, and based on the type of work and the environmental conditions, the choice between various platform concepts may lead to jack up platforms. Rexroth develops drive and control systems for various jacking system types and sizes, which are used in numerous self elevating platforms (SEPs). Not only that, Rexroth can provide state of the art large hydraulic cylinders that are used in both rack & pinion installations and positive engagement systems for offshore and inland applications.


Jack-Up Cylinders

Jack up cylinder Example
Piston diameter 600 mm
Piston rod diameter 280 mm
Stroke length 3,150 mm
Function Lowering / lifiting the legs



Skidding Cylinders

The process of skidding oil platforms involves having an excellent and reliable x-y skidding system. Part of having an excellent skidding system depends on the quality of the hydraulic cylinders. Large hydraulic cylinders from Van Halteren Technologies are reliable, accurate and of excellent quality.

Deck Mating Cylinders

Transporting and installing offshore platforms is all about force and precision. Knowledge of the procedures and experience with the often hostile maritime conditions is crucial. Like no one else, Van Halteren Technologies is capable of engineering state of the art technology for elevating, transporting, positioning and installing extreme heavy loads. Worldwide float-over barges, floating cranes and special vessels have been equipped with Van Halteren Technologies large hydraulic cylinders.