Metallurgy Cylinders

Metallurgy Cylinders

The sheer force is impressive: in a plate mill a Rexroth custom built cylinder delivers a rolling force of 90,000 kN with a bore up to 1,500 mm. The environment in this industry is harsh and demanding with strong vibrations, high temperatures, dust and pollution. Most of the cylinders are expected to operate for several years in 24/7 operation.

Special Features

  • Optimum design because of application experience and highly specialized calculation and simulation tools
  • Piston rod coating with an extremely high wear and corrosion resistance
  • First class seal- and bearing configuration for harsh and aggressive environment
  • Special rod sealing and painting for submerged solutions
  • Manifold block and measuring system integrated in the cylinder design
  • Integrated piping

Metallurgy Cylinders

When manufacturing slabs, sheet metal and foils, the key requirement is to accurately maintain the manufacturing tolerance while the rolling mills are in operation. A dynamic hydraulic automatic gauge control system is then essential for the continuous positioning and maintenance of the specified gap between work rolls. With Rexroth's large hydraulic cylinders, equipped with an internal MTS measuring system, the highest precision is realized to within a few thousands hundredths of a millimeter. This allows the cylinder to stay accurately positioned, even when experiencing outside disturbances and counter forces.


Automatic Gauge Control Cylinders

Automatic gauge cylinder Example
Piston diameter 1.100 mm
Piston rod diameter 950 mm
Stroke length 40 mm
Function Ensuring gap consistency during hot/cold rolling


Ladle Turret Cylinders

During continuous casting processes, in which semi-finished billet, bloom or slab is being produced, the teeming ladle plays a vital role in handling the molten metal. The ladle turret facilitates the transportation of the teeming ladles through the mill. Rexroth's ladle turret cylinders are designed to withstand operational conditions like high environmental temperatures and massive loads.

Ladle Turret Cylinders

Ladle turret cylinder Example
Piston diameter 650 mm
Piston rod diameter 450 mm
Stroke length 645 mm
Function Lifting / transporting ladles through the mill

Non Ferrous Casting Cylinders

In foundries where a non-ferrous casting process is being used, liquid metal is poured into a mold. This method is mostly suitable for small to medium sized parts in which complex shapes are formed. When it comes to water cooled billet casting, Rexroth's large hydraulic cylinders are used to move the mold. These cylinders operate while submerged in water. Because of their quality coating and durable construction, Rexroth large hydraulic cylinders ensure that the metal moulds are lowered at a consistent speed without any slip effects or unnecessary rotation.



Non ferrous casting cylinder Example
Piston diameter 380 mm
Piston rod diameter 320 mm
Stroke length 8,000 mm
Function Lowering with a very consistent speed