Offshore Cylinders

Deepening and maintaining ports, rivers and canals is a continuous challenge for the dredging industry. The pressure to perform has increased significantly over the last decades. This can only be met through ensuring outstanding uptime. Therefore, the dredging industry strongly depends on reliable and specialized technology like large hydraulic cylinders. Bosch Rexroth offers large hydraulic cylinders for different types of dredgers.

Special features

  • Optimum design because of application experience and highly specialized calculation and simulation tools
  • Piston rod coating with an extremely high wear and corrosion resistance
  • First class seal and bearing configuration
  • Special shell mounted bearing against unpredictable axial forces
  • Cylinder integrated measuring system


A hopper dredge hull discharge system is primarily used to release its contents through the hopper's hull. The dredger discharges collected sediments by opening up its hull doors, ensuring fast and effective unloading of the vessel. The hull doors are operated by rods that are triggered by large hydraulic cylinders, generally mounted above the cargo hold. The smooth operation of the large hydraulic cylinders means that the entire dredging process takes place quickly and efficiently.



Hull door cylinder Example
Piston diameter 480 mm
Piston rod diameter 200 mm
Stroke length 3,350 mm
Function Opening / closing bottom hull



Pile-driving barges are used in marine construction to drive dock pilings, sheet pilings and other marine construction pilings. For example, when building time-sensitive structures like cross water highway infrastructures, large hydraulic cylinders are used to lift the pile driving construction. Rexroth developers and engineers go out of their way to deliver quality large hydraulic cylinders that meet the mark every time.



Piling barge cylinder Example
Piston diameter 1,000 mm
Piston rod diameter 650 mm
Stroke length 12,870 mm
Function Lifting / lowering piling installation



Large hydraulic cylinders play a vital role aboard a split barge during its operations. By opening the hull to release its sediments, these cylinders determine the proper functioning of the ship. The split barge cylinder is a double working pulling cylinder of the regenerative type. It is engineered to withstand water and sediments , making an important part of the ship.



Hull outlet cylinder Example
Piston diameter 900 mm
Piston rod diameter 400 mm
Stroke length 3,500 mm
Function Opening / closing ship hull



In addition to the above large hydraulic cylinders, Rexroth is also experienced in other areas of the marine environment. Large hydraulic cylinders can be produced for the following vessel types:

- backhoe dredgers

- hopper dredgers

- stone dumping vessels

- pipe laying vessels