Bulk Material and Handling Cylinders

Bulk Material and Handling

Large hydraulic mining cylinders operate nonstop with all kinds of materials under extreme conditions, whereas in bulk materials handling they have to withstand abrasive and seaport conditions or high vibration levels. Cylinders in tunnel boring machines are exposed to wearintensive circumstances, whilst dealing with extreme side loads and torque acting on the cutting head.

Special features

  • Optimal design because of application experience and highly specialized calculation and simulation tools

  • Extremely high wear and corrosion resistance
  • First class seal and bearing configuration
  • Unique pre-stressed piston / piston rod connection for dynamic operation
  • Spherical bearing protection system
  • Spare sealing flange premounted on the piston rod
  • Welding for low temperature applications
  • Integrated piping, manifolds block and measuring system

Surface Mining Cylinders

Mining shovels are primarily used for the excavation of earth or fragmented rock in open-pit mining operations. They handle the removal of overburden or load bulk materials onto haul trucks. The movement of the mining shovel's arm, along with the lifting, lowering and tilting of the bucket, is realized by large hydraulic mining cylinders. The rocks, sand and other materials found on a mining site can cause untimely damage to the equipment, and that includes the cylinders. That is why Van Halteren Technologies treats mining cylinder surfaces with the Enduroq 2000 series, allowing each high quality cylinder to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining industry

Boom Cylinders

Boom cylinder Example
Piston diameter 320 mm
Piston rod diameter 180 mm
Stroke length 1,735 mm
Function Lifting / lowering arm


Tunnel Boring Cylinders

Surrounded each working day by rocks, dirt and sand, the tunnel boring machine consists of a tunneling shield, to avoid the collapse of unstable soil, with a rotating cutting wheel at the front. Behind the cutter, hydraulic jacks are used to push the tunnel boring machine forward. Van Halteren Technologies is an experienced partner in developing these thrust cylinders. Van Halteren Technologies’ large hydraulic cylinders are designed to withstand the harshest conditions with heavy-duty torque acting.

Thrust Cylinders

Thrust cylinder Example
Piston diameter 400 mm
Piston rod diameter 280 mm
Stroke length 1,700 mm
Function Extending / retracting cutter head