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The VHSP NBC Filter systems are essential for naval vessels today. Operating more and more under the threat of an attack by TICs and TIMs (Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Toxic Industrial Materials) naval vessels need to be well-protected. To be able to operate under these conditions without being contaminated, reliable Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) filter systems are crucial. With the VHSP NBC filter units, fitted out with NATO STANAG 4447 filter elements, in combination with the VHSP overpressure controllers, a safe operating environment (citadel) is created, ensuring optimal performance of crew and electronic equipment.

The NBC protection filter units are available in a capacity range of 300 up to 1800m3/h.

Electronically controlled and spring-loaded overpressure valves are available in the range from 100 up to 1000m3/h with an adjustable opening set point between 40 and 1400 Pa.


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