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Besides comfort cooling, cooling of (weapon) electronic equipment is vital for the survivability of modern warships. Van Halteren Special Products (VHSP) chilled water units, better known as navy chillers, are designed for worldwide operation in the severest circumstances without losing their operational ability.

VHSP supplies chilled water units based on the VHSP modular design philosophy or tailor-made according to client specifications. Based on client requirements the custom made VHSP design can be provided as open, semi-hermetic or hermetic, from piston to high speed oil free & magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors. Plate-plate, plate and shell as well as shell and tube heat exchangers all from well-known first class manufacturers. Shock, vibrations, structure and airborne sound as well as Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements are all taken into account and if required proven during the Factory Acceptance Testing at VHSP’s testbed.

The newest generation chilled water units, based on Turbocor technology, has been launched successfully onto the Naval market. The unique selling points of this technology:

  • Compressor with magnetic bearings
  • Oil-free operation reduces complexity and costs, improves heat exchange efficiency and eliminates disposal issues
  • Low noise
  • Light weight and small footprint
  • Outstanding part load efficiency (COP)
  • Soft start (only 2 amps)
  • Low vibration
  • Shock resistance up to 20g
  • Low maintenance costs due to improved MTBF

Van Halteren Special Products is one of the OEM partners for the Turbocor chiller technology.


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