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Van Halteren is the leading supplier of training systems for Howitzer Crews in the world, having delivered training systems to more than 12 international customers. The first simulators were developed in 1990 in close cooperation with the Dutch Armed Forces. Ever since, Van Halteren has invested heavily in the further development of the systems, based on feedback from our growing customer base. Today we are able to supply state-of-the-art training systems for Artillery which provide true value to their users.

Our Howitzer Crew Trainers (HCTs) bridge the gap between classroom training and live firing training. The challenge of modern Artillery Training is how to train the units to the highest proficiency while expending the least amount of resources. Live firing training is expensive, dangerous, hazardous to the environment and most important, not done enough to achieve the desired skill level.

Our HCTs realistically simulate live fire situations for gun crews and battery level fire missions and make it possible to train for every possible scenario before even one live round has been fired. These scenarios include gun drills, misfire drills, burst-rate firing, battery drills, shoot and scoot, etc. By the time the crew is ready to fire their first live round, they are already fully qualified. Using an HCT results in reduced training time, but increased skill levels for individuals and crews. Training costs, however, are considerably lower (75% or more) than live fire training. Our systems are field proven for Towed Howitzers and Self Propelled Howitzers.


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