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Van Halteren is one of the leading suppliers of Road Wheels in the world. Ever since the start of this business in 1973, we have supplied a variety of wheels to many countries. Today Van Halteren is the knowledge partner for several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) when it comes to Road Wheels. Van Halteren has designed, tested and delivered the Road Wheels for a number of newly introduced tracked vehicles.

For operational vehicles including CV90, M113 and Leopard II, Van Halteren has developed improved Road Wheels. Tracked vehicles tend to increase the payload. We have proven concepts of lighter applications for a higher payload. Our vast experience, materials knowhow and hands-on mentality are the driving forces of these innovations. Our current delivery program consist of Road Wheels for self propelled howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles, main battle tanks, recovery vehicles and others. We have partnerships with rubberizing companies in different countries.

Van Halteren also has vast experience in refurbishing many kinds of Road Wheels in order to extend the product life time and decrease the vehicle life cycle costs. This Refurbishment is cost efficient for the users and has no effect on operational capability.


Location Bunschoten:
De Kronkels 27
P.O. box 48
3750 GA Bunschoten

T +31 (0)33 299 23 00

Location Zwolle:
Hanzelaan 95
P.O box 659
8000 AR Zwolle

T +31 (0)38 425 45 00