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Van Halteren Defence supplies quality products and services for customers from the international defense market, including governments and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Our products and services are to be categorized as follows:

  • Road Wheels
  • Simulation & Training
  • Land Systems
  • Parts Production

For over 30 years Van Halteren Defence produces wheels for military tracked vehicles. We focus on both production and repair. We also work as a partner for OEMs in the development of powertrains for new vehicles.

Since 1990 Van Halteren is producer and supplier of military simulation systems. Our Training Systems for Artillery and Mortars are used in many countries and realize significant added value for our customers, especially in bridging the 'gap' between theory and 'live firing'.

For Land Systems, Van Halteren is the partner of several international defence contractors and the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA). We provide services throughout the entire system life cycle, from assembly and integration to Maintenance Repair & Overhaul.

We dispose of a modern machine shop and a professional welding department. This makes us a good partner for outsourcing complex parts production. We have supplied parts for many defence programs in last decades.


Location Bunschoten:
De Kronkels 27
P.O. box 48
3750 GA Bunschoten

T +31 (0)33 299 23 00

Location Zwolle:
Hanzelaan 95
P.O box 659
8000 AR Zwolle

T +31 (0)38 425 45 00