Energy: Dams and Weirs

Hydro power solutions
Hydro power stations are the world’s most important source of renewable energies. Very high construction costs are offset by earnings over decades – when the automation reliably and optimally regulates the water flow. This is exactly what Van Halteren Technologies guarantees.

Dams are used in a range of applications, from river to medium-pressure and even high-pressure power stations in high mountain regions. Pump-storage power stations are being increasingly used to cover peaks in energy requirements. A number of gates are used to this purpose, and they have to be able to fulfill a wide range of tasks. This places many different demands on the hydraulic drives.

As enormous forces act on the construction, the drives have to be designed to with-stand high loads. For bottom outlet gates for example, pulling and pushing forces are required that can easily exceed several 1,000 kN.

Turbine inlet as well as draft tube gates have to be closed and be capable of being driven gently into the end position at speeds of up to 20m/min. or more.

Optimum turbine output through automation:
Turbine control requires high positioning accuracy, short response times as well as high dynamics. Regulation of the turbine guide wheel provides optimum efficiency and maximum operational safety.