Deriner Reservoir Dam Turkey

The Deriner reservoir dam at the river oruh was built by ERG Insaat Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S. for the energy supplier DSI State Hydraulic Works. It is the largest construction of its kind in Turkey. For the eight middle outlets and the two overflow flap gates, Van Halteren Technologies provided all the hydraulic drives complete with the electronic control system.

Custom-tailored system solution by Van Halteren Technologies for maximal reliability, more safety and optimal availability

The civil engineering specialists from Ankara have been designing, constructing and building reservoir dams, hydroelectric plants, irrigation systems and mining machines since 1972. At the Deriner dam, the company made use of our technology. With decades of experience in hydromechanical works and the design of finely tuned system solutions consisting of hydraulic drives and electronic control systems, W

Maximal safety and flexibility

DC hydraulic drives control the middle outlets and the overflow flap gates in order to ensure the optimal flood water management. They significantly contribute to the safety of the entire dam. All the drives can be controlled electronically from one central control station.

Precision with Van Halteren Technologies know-how

The precise synchronization of the drives is extraordinary: at the two overflow flap gates the Van Halteren Technologies solution accomplishes a synchronization accuracy of 0,4 . Rotationsensors transmit the exact position of the gates to the control system and a fibre optic cable facilitates instantaneous synchronous movements.

The position sensor systems of the hydraulic cylinders transmit position signals from the protected middle outlets to the control system to ensure the synchronous movements of two protection units at a time, so that strong jets of water gushing out of the central outlet gates collide in the air and do not directly hit the river bed. This release of energy reliably prevents the undermining of the dam. Considering the strict safety requirements, Van Halteren Technologies was the only company that was able to supply an adequate, integrated system solution with its expertise and product portfolio.

Facts & figures
  • Overflow flap gates: 2 aggregates with 3 motor/pump groups each and 2 hydraulic cylinders
  • Middle outlets: 3 aggregates with 4 motor/pump groups,
  • 10 hydraulic cylinders
  • Control systems