Civil Engineering & Infrastructure – Applications

Van Halteren Technologies has built an extensive know-how in hydro engineering solutions of any size and capacity. With our experience and deep understanding of all automation technologies, we help our client make sure that these projects go into operation on time and function reliably.

Moving bridges, lifting ships, opening and closing water lock gates: Van Halteren Technologies engineering is up to weighty tasks.

  • Extensive and international know-how
  • Deep understanding for all automation technologies
  • Partner in the world's largest civil engineering projects

Lock barriers for coastal protection, hydroelectric power plants, or locks: for centuries, people have tried to control and use the forces of water. While the vision remains, the methods are getting better and better as technology evolves.

The importance of energy generation from renewable sources - including hydro-power - is growing constantly. Hydroelectric power plants use a number of lock gates that must work reliably, safely and trouble-free, even under extreme influences.

Van Halteren Technologies has automated the gate drives in many projects around the world, including drive solutions for the Three-Gorges Dam in China and the locks on the Panama Canal. For mega-projects such as these, Van Halteren Technologies bundles resources from its worldwide production and development network under the coordination of the local specialists. This ensures that projects are realized on-time and on-budget. After going into operation, regional service specialists ensure that the systems and plants function with maximum availability.