Flood protection: Coastal protection, Reservoirs and Water Treatment Plants

Storm tides and the rise of the sea level pose huge challenges to coastal areas. Van Halteren Technologies is the engineering partner for coastal protection with its unique experience in realization of a wide range of concepts.

Van Halteren Technologies is a project partner that has already provided numerous movable barriers. Global climate change is increasingly demanding technical solutions such as barriers.

  • to protect the population from storm tides
  • for coastal protection
  • for control or effective distribution of large quantities of water
  • to keep the waterways free and usable for shipping
  • to build a protective barrier

Van Halteren Technologies system solutions apply extremely high forces for this. We are incorporating our decades of experience in automation of such systems into numerous ongoing projects. We accompany these projects worldwide from the first idea, through the conception and simulation, right up to realization. Operational reliability is our main focus.

Irrigation systems for better living conditions

Increasing numbers of people as well as agricultural areas in dry regions have to be reliably supplied with water. With its robust and easy to operate automation solutions, Van Halteren Technologies ensures supply is reliable over even long distances.