Defence - Simulation & Training

Simulation & Training

Van Halteren is the leading supplier of artillery simulation systems. Today we are able to provide highly advanced simulators for artillery training. These systems provide real added value to users.

The simulators are aimed at bridging the gap between theoretical training and ‘live firing’. The challenge for today’s training is to ensure that the highest level of competence is achieved in the most efficient way.

Van Halteren has continuously invested in the further development of these systems, based on feedback from a growing number of customers. Today, we provide state-of-the-art artillery training systems that offer added value to users.

Howitzer Crew Trainers (HCT)

  • Cost-saving
  • Targeting devices
  • Virtual environment
  • Full mission training

Modular construction of simulators

  • User training
  • Maintenance training
  • Modular addition


MORSIM simulators

Our 81mm mortar simulators train soldiers to perform firing procedures. Simulated failures can be introduced by the instructor to replicate those dangerous scenarios which happen only too often in the field.

The simulated mortar is supplied with an aiming sight which includes a rendered world view display. All settings are captured and can be viewed by the instructor. Impact point and timing are calculated and displayed on screens or dome. This makes both direct and indirect firing possible.


  • Full targeting capabilities
  • Realistic firing shock simulation
  • Simulated failures

Simulator accessories

  • (Inductive) Tube Programming
  • Simulated ammunition
  • Targeting devices

Appended HCTs

Our appended simulators are constructed to be interchangeable with the barrel of a real Howitzer. Full firing cycle can be performed on your own equipment whilst indoors.

No modifications are made to the original equipment. Full functionality is maintained. The simulator can be reconfigured to its original state within one day.


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