Welding Constructions

Welding Constructions

The welding of various materials is a core competence at Van Halteren Metaal. We supply high-quality and complex assemblies for various industries and under various welding standards.

Our customers have high demands, not only in terms of joint strength, but also visually. The welding assemblies are in turn part of our customers’ machines and systems for the benefit of the end customer. Quality awareness throughout the chain is therefore especially important, regardless of whether it is a military vehicle, an offshore crane or a mould.

Welding quality is of paramount importance at Van Halteren.

One way we guarantee such high quality is through the full-time employment of an International Welding Engineer (IWE) / International Welding Inspector (IWI).

For various applications, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a permanent part of our scope of supply. We weld steel, stainless steel, armour steel and various high-grade alloys. Certification is according to the standard ISO 3834-2, and for armour steel to the standards DIN 2303 Q3 BK1 and DIN 2303 Q2 BK1.

Van Halteren Metaal a strong partner

Van Halteren Metaal has all the requisites in-house for the finishing of welded assemblies, large or small. For example, we have several large milling machines at our disposal to deliver highly accurate end products. Our team of engineers and experienced work planners enables us to produce a complete production package from an assembly drawing, including the necessary production tooling.

The combination of high-quality welding, accurate machining and large products up to 20,000 mm, make Van Halteren Metaal a strong partner.


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