Complex Machined Parts

Complex Machined Parts

Our machining workshop is set up with a variety of machining centres for both milling and turning. We machine products from approx. 200mm to 20.000mm with likewise CMM (measuring) and product hoisting competences (40T).

For turning we have both horizontal lathes as well as a large vertical carrousel type machine.

For milling we work with dedicated milling centres as well as with combined turning/milling machines.

Together with our 24hr/5day shift operation this provides great flexibility and back up in our production.

The Van Halteren Academy provides continuous training and actualized know how for our (technical) staff, with operators deployable on multiple machines. Influx of new young professionals is being managed through our Van Halteren Academy.

Processing of all the going construction materials including high-strength steel, stainless steel and aluminium, as well as the processing of various high grade alloys.

We handle small to medium volumes, from one-offs or proto’s to 500+ pieces.



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